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Offord Rollins, CRT, RCP has 30 plus years as a Respiratory Therapist. He has had a longstanding desire for inventing respiratory products. After working in nearly every field of respiratory therapy including owning his own respiratory service he moved to Las Vegas Nevada to be closer to his grandchildren. It was during his off hours that he envisioned the final design of the Rollins 7 SmartMask, partnered with pulmonologist Dr. Schlachter and formed the company Rollins Medical Solutions, Inc.

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Michael Schlachter, M.D. Vice President| Board Certified Pulmonary Disease


Dr. Schlachter is a board certified Pulmonary Physician who partnered with Mr. Rollins to help develop a financial and marketing plan for Rollins Medical. He has been in private practice since 1986 after a 6 year stint in the U. S. Army Medical Corp. Dr. Schlachter, after evaluating the performance of the Rollins 7 mask believes more improvement for patient care could be obtained by helping bring this mask to market and innovate other products than by only staying in private practice..

The Idea behind Rollins 7 SmartMask. | Unshackled

Offord Rollins,a respiratory therapist 30 years ago saw a patient with a pressure ulcer on the face from pressure caused by an oxygen mask and a NG tube. Mr. Rollins thought that there must be a way to prevent this. He developed and patented the "Naso-gastric" oxygen mask. Years later a brief patient evaluation with a pulmonologist led to a dream that would hopefully unshackle the respiratory therapists from stagnant technology. That dream led to the Rollins 7 SmartMask- a true breakthrough in oxygen therapy.

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