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Rollins SmartMask 

The Rollins SmartMask (patented) is a replacement mask for virtually every type of oxygen mask on the market via its ability to provide all FiO2 ranges with simply changing the flow rate of oxygen. Simply stated – there is no need for any other mask. The design also allows for unique medication delivery option not available on any standard oxygen mask. When the patient is on any FiO2 simply attach a nebulizer. Lastly there are patient safety features as well as comfort issues not available on any mask in the market place. 

Why Rollins SmartMask

The true cost of an oxygen mask is not the unit price of a particular product. The true cost to your department and institution has an obvious unit cost but inefficiencies in product use and waste, excess inventory space & patient safety issues are more difficult to quantitate. When you analyze the true benefits and actual cost of the Rollins SmartMask the cost basis to your institution will be less than the current oxygen masks on the market. When you add the safety issues of our mask - the decision to use our mask exclusively is essentially mandated.


A single mask for nearly all oxygen needs. No need for a therapist to go to the store room for supplies. Our calculations indicate that some hospitals will see significant improvement in staffing requirements.


All the masks shown above are sitting in your respiratory department in a box or a bin. Nearly every hospital carries at least 4 different oxygen masks. Some up to 5 or 6. What improvements could you bring to your institution with improvement in storage space? With the Rollins SmartMask - one SKU number (for adults) and just 2 or 3 boxes on hand at all times and your respiratory department is set.

oxygen use

The Rollins SmartMask delivers higher FiO2 values than the present masks on the market. Logic would suggest that your oxygen consumption would decrease and therefore decrease your cost of oxygen therapy.


This is the typical scenario in the patient with respiratory disease - a waste basket full of multiple masks. The Rollins SmartMask avoids these extra disposal costs. Not only is the Rollins a "Smart Mask" but is a "Green Mask" due to less use of plastics.


Are your patients receiving the best oxygen therapy? The above represents an option used for many years when patients require a nebulizer treatment - the problem is this form of therapy is not FDA approved. The only other option is to take the patient off of the high flow oxygen and begin a nebulizer treatment – sacrificing oxygen therapy for medication. With the Rollins SmartMask this is no longer a potential liability for your patient’s health.

Our Partner

Amsino is committed to delivering the highest level of service and support to our customers.


Rollins Medical has a joint venture  agreement with AMSINO INTERNATIONAL, INC for exclusive manufacturing and distribution for international markets for the Rollins SmartMask.

Toll Free: +1-800-632-6746

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