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Frequently Asked Questions

Q) How can one mask deliver 28% to 99%?

Ans) The unique configuration of the adapter with the Rollins Aperture allows for this function. For instance - the non rebreather first delivers O2 to its bag reservoir and not the patient.  Our computer modeling indicates an entrainment of higher O2 concentration from in front of aperture.

Q) How can I give a nebulizer treatment?

Ans) A second air or oxygen source will be necessary to run the nebulizer on patients with flow rates higher than 6 liters. Simply unsnap the cap from the adapter & attach a nebulizer and turn the O2 or air source to 6 liters.

Q) Do patients really need less flow rates?

Ans) ​Many but not all patients require significanly less O2 flow that standard masks. But as always assessing oxygen delivery is a must.

Q) Can the Rollins & SmartMask be used with an oxygen concentrator?​

Ans) Yes. But as always evaluate the efficacy of the set flow rate with a pulse oximetry result.

Q) Are there any contraindications to the use of the Rollins SmartMask?​

Ans) No. Unlike the non-rebreather masks which can cause acute pCO2 retention due to hyper-oxygenation. The Rollins SmartMasks has none of those detriments. Because the oxygen flow can be tightly adjusted to targeted oxygen saturation, our mask is the mask of choice.

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