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Rollins SmartMask

The Rollins SmartMask (patented)  is a replacement mask for virtually every type of oxygen mask on the market via its ability to provide all FiO2 ranges with simply changing the flow rate of oxygen. Simply stated – there is no need for any other mask. The design also allows for unique medication delivery option not available on any standard oxygen mask. When the patient is on any FiO2 simply attach a nebulizer. Lastly there are patient safety features as well as comfort issues not available on any mask in the market place.

Flow Rates and FiO2

Bench testing was used to establish the relationship between flow rates and FiO2. This testing revealed a linear relationship between flow rate and FiO2. This testing additionally revealed higher FiO2 values with lower flow rates than seen with other commercially available oxygen masks. A third revelation was that the Rollins SmartMask obtained higher FiO2 values than obtainable on a standard non-rebreather mask. In the clinical setting the appropriate flow for a patient is determined by simply utilizing the pulse oximeter with the clinician setting the target oxygen saturation. Standard flow rates available range from 2 liters per min to 15 liters per minute. “Flush” oxygen flow can also be used.


Small Volume Nebulizer Configuration

The distal portion of the adapter allows for attachment of a small volume nebulizer while not requiring a change of mask nor is there interruption of the patient’s prescribed FiO2. The respiratory therapist needs only to attach a second oxygen tube to the nebulizer. In some circumstances a pressurized air source could be attached if FiO2 requirements are not high. There is no need for a second mask. If the patient is on any other mask problems arise. For instance on the standard non rebreather (or Venturi mask) there is no FDA approved process or mechanism to administer a SVN treatment.

Aerosol Therapy

The distal portion of the adapter allows for attachment of an aerosol source for humidity. No other attachments are needed which add inefficiency and have a tendency to be dropped or lost. Again, no other single mask has this capability in conjunction with its other functions.

Rollins Aperture

-Allows for drinking


- Allows for oral care


- Increase in patient communication


- Perform endoscopies

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