Product Specifications

 The product is easy to use and intuitive once you have hands on the product. 

The FDA approved package insert is available on this site (package insert). 

Please review this page for proper use of the Rollins SmartMask. 

Review the following instructions beginning with the following: 

  • Connect the universal end of oxygen tube to oxygen source with or without green O2 adapter ("Christmas tree")

  • Connect the standard end of oxygen tube to adapter with or without "Christmas tree"

  • Turn on the oxygen flow to the desired flow rate base upon the O2 Flow Rate & FiO2 noted below

  • Check for air flow from the mask  

  • Place the mask on the patient. 


Christmas Tree

Dual O2 Flow Meter Configuaration

Compressed Air


A standard simple mask will deliver 35-50% O2 @ flows of 6-10 liters/min.

The Rollins SmartMask delivers 28-53% FiO2 @ flows of 2 to 4 liters/min. 

Please note that there is no contraindication to low flow rates with the SmartMask. 

Also note that there is lower flow rate requirement for the same FiO2. 


Venturi mask delivers FiO2 in ranges from 24-50% O2 (24, 26, 28,30,35, 40,50%). This is a very inefficient delivery system and does not easily adjust to changes in patient clinical status.The Rollins SmartMask replaces the need for this mask in your clinical practice. Because you are utilizing low flows very “tight” adjustments can be titrated to exact oxygen saturation levels based upon oximetry data. This cannot be easily done with the venturi systems. The SmartMask allows for efficient titration of FiO2. Additionally there is little indication to use the 24% venturi setting as this can be performed by a nasal cannula.

SMARTMASK REPLACES the NON & Partial Rebreather Mask

The re-breather masks delivers FiO2 60-75% depending on a number of patient variables (tidal volume, respiratory rate, etc.). The Rollins SmartMask delivers superior FiO2 values. Additionally with the nebulizer configuration (see below) there is no need to sacrifice your patient's oxygenation for delivering medication.

 SMARTMASK REPLACES the Nebulizer Mask

The adapter on the Rollins SmartMask allows for attaching a nebulizer (will need air or O2 source to drive the nebulizer treatment). The adapter will accommodate the AeroEclipse® nebulizer as well.

Rollins NG Slot - Offloading the NG or OG tube

The aperture allows for resting the NG tube or OG tube on the oxygen mask as opposed to the face. No other mask allows for this funciton without first taking off the mask from the patient.

Rollins Aperture 

  • drinking

  • oral care

  • suctioning 

  • endoscopies 

Uniquely - the Rollins SmartMask allows for drinking, oral care and endoscopies without removing the mask. This is critical for patient who are on high FiO2 requirements.

Manual (Link Attached)

Screen Shot 2020-06-03 at 7.16.31 AM.png


Oximetry has fundamentally changed the management of oxygen therapy by non-invasive evaluation of oxygenation. This advantage though has been partially negated by the multitude of oxygen masks required for adequate treatment as oxygen therapy is Osculated and de-Osculated. With the Rollins SmartMask the full advantage of oximetry can be tapped.

 Oxygen Delivery

Before the advent of oximetry the assumed proper amount of oxygen delivered to the patient was determined by his minute ventilation and oxygen consumption. Because there was no way to know the exact oxygen consumption at the cellular level certain assumptions were made and this philosophy has lagged behind the implications of real time oximetry data.

Oximetry now enables a real time analysis of oxygen requirements. Ultimately this is a data point that can be utilized to more accurately prescribe oxygen therapy as opposed to making assumptions as to oxygen requirements. Additionally, fixed FiO2 masks (non-rebreather, venturi, etc.) assume a fixed FiO2 requirement. As any therapist knows this certainly is not the case. The Rollins SmartMask finally allows for the full advantage of pulse oximetry monitoring.

Oxygen Delivery & Patient Comfort

Unfortunately with all the advances of medical science over the past years there seems to be a lack of appreciation of the intimacy of oxygen therapy. The masks are next to the eyes, mouth and ears. Masks are often poorly fitting, the plastic itself is irritating and the patients cannot wear glasses with O2 masks; on higher flows the noise of the O2 flow will keep patients awake at night. Oxygen masks are at least a nuisance to patients but at times can be harmful when they fall off. We believe that the Rollins SmartMask resolves or attenuates these issues. It allows for a much more comfortable hospital stay when often times there are life and death issues.

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